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aerial view from side of Summit Campus

Serving bright students

with dyslexia and other

learning differences

Why Summit?

Students are engaged in active multisensory learning, using research-based teaching strategies.

Highly-trained teachers use methodologies specifically designed for students with learning differences.

Small classes grouped by skill level allow for differentiated instruction for each student.

Measurable outcomes  are achieved through continuous progress monitoring and benchmark testing.

Summit addresses the whole child and teaches self-advocacy, confidence, and social-emotional wellness.

Life-changing impacts are made possible through students gaining the strategies, skills, and tools they need to succeed.

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Summit Successes

When students come to Summit, we see an improvement in academic achievement but we also see an overall transformation in their confidence and how they perceive school. The effects are long lasting and contribute to their success in high school, college, and life. 

Graduating from high school

My transition to The Summit School changed everything. I learned to read, but more importantly, I learned what I needed to succeed. For as far back as I could remember, my weaknesses were what had always defined me in school. At Summit, it was the opposite. The teachers emphasized focusing on your strengths and using those things to overcome shortcomings and get things done in different ways.”

Andre Allen, Class of 2018
Biomedical Sciences Major, McDaniel College

Summit alumni student receiving his MBA degree

Summit has provided me with the necessary skills and mental fortitude to achieve anything I put my mind to. Without Summit, I don't believe I would be where I am today.”

Adam Taylor, Class of 2012
MBA from American University  

Alumni student on a dock by the water

The individualized lesson plans in tandem with the strengths-based approach to education at Summit gave me the courage, resilience, and confidence that I have carried with me since. My teachers recognized and nourished my innate curiosity, and taught me in unique ways accordingly - making it fun to learn again.”

Emma Mugford, Class of 2011
ABA Therapist and enrolled in Doctoral of Psychology Program, George Washington University

With every accomplishment I achieved after Summit, I know the impact Summit had on my life made all the difference.”

Dr. Billy Vermillion, Class of 2002
Postdoctoral Fellow at Yale Department of Cardiology

Summit teachers go above and beyond every time! I would not be Dr. Kirby without Summit! Thank you a million times over will never be enough.”

Beth Williams Kirby, Class of 1997
Ph.D. Applied Behavior Analysis