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Faculty, Staff, Board

We take pride in our faculty's knowledge, professional training, and their passion for education. The majority of our faculty (56%) have advanced degrees and 100% receive training on research-based teaching methodologies designed specifically for teaching students with learning differences.

Faculty & Staff

Ashley Auerbach

Associate of Science, Human Services
Teaching Assistant

Morgan Bower

Teaching Assistant

Becky Brunelle

Master of Science, Towson University
Events Coordinator

Gretchen Burke

Masters of Education, Loyola University
Lower School Coordinator

Debora Consugar

Master of Education, Loyola University
Instructor & Math Coordinator

Chris Davis

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Edinboro University
Visual Arts Instructor & Technology Integrator & Homework-Enrichment After School Program

Meredith Deamer

Master of Arts, Goucher College

Channing Duffy

Bachelor of Arts, Brigham Young University

Janee Dupal

Bachelor of Science, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Nicole Easton

M.S.E. American University

Dr. Leslie Eget

D.Ed., NCSP Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Director of Program Supports

Andrea Eggers

Master of Art, Special Education
American University

Alyssa Foust

Bachelor of Arts, Salisbury University
Teaching Assistant

Brianna Herndon

Bachelor of Arts, Indiana University – Bloomington
Director of Development 

Diana Herr

Master of Arts, College of Notre Dame
Instructor & Lower School Science Coordinator

Caroline Holt

Master of Arts, Loyola University

Margaret "Peggy" James

Master of Education, The University of Tucson
Instructor & STEM Coordinator

Katie Johnson

Executive Administrative Assistant

Tiana Johnson

Master of Science, Syracuse University
Librarian and Development Coordinator

Clinton Kittrell

Bachelor of Arts, Bucknell University
Upper School Cluster Coordinator & Diversity and Title Nine Coordinator

Amanda Lanham

Summit Resource Center Coordinator

Elizabeth Laprade

Bachelor of Arts, University of Massachusetts
Performing Arts Instructor & New Teacher Mentorship Coordinator

Elaine Levit

Master of Arts, Speech-Language Pathology
University of Maryland
Speech/Language Pathologist & English Coordinator

Marianne Lounsberry

Master of Education, Loyola College

Sharon Lowery

Bachelor's in Accounting, Ashford University
Business Manager

Emily Matos

Bachelor’s of Science, Towson University

Jennifer McCubbin

Master of Education, Loyola University of Maryland

Dr. Joan Mele-McCarthy, CCC-SLP

Doctor of Arts, Adelphi University
Executive Director

Becky Meyer

Bachelor of Arts, Coastal Carolina University

Chelsea Morris

Master of Arts, Texas State University

Erik Nyce

Bachelor of Arts, Whittier College

Kelly Ontko

Bachelor of Arts
Physical Education Instructor

Danielle Randall

Master of Education, American University
Director of Education

Nancy Rhodes

Master of Science, Long Island University
Director of Enrollment Management

Shari Richey

Bachelor of Science, University of Maryland
Instructor & Athletic Director

Lauren Riddell

Bachelor of Science

Nicole Ryan

Master of Education, University of Missouri

Abigail Sander

Bachelor of Science, University of Vermont

Marghuerita Scott

Master of Special Education, George Mason University

Ben Shiffman

Master of Arts, Towson University
Instructor & English Coordinator

Dr. Kimberly Simpson

PhD, Curriculum and Instruction, University of Maryland 

Melanie Sipple

Master of Science, Johns Hopkins University
Director of Marketing & Communications

Anne Spencer

Master of Education, University of Southern Mississippi

Eileen Sweeney

Master of Arts in Teaching Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, Manhattanville College
Physical Education Instructor

Tara Szramowski 

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
School Office Administrative Assistant

Hannah Van Dellen 

Bachelor of Arts, Concordia University

Ian Walsh

Bachelor of Science, University of Maryland
Director of Information Technologies

Genevieve White, Ed.S.

Educational Specialist, James Madison University
School Psychologist

Darla Winstead

Bachelor of Science, Texas State University
Teaching Assistant/Instructor

Meryl Wolf

Bachelor of Science
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Teaching Assistant


Board of Directors

Board Officers

Peter Davis, Chair
Dr. Aimee Fellows Merkle, Vice Chair
Amy McPherson, Treasurer

Board Members

Kevin Cavanaugh
Nick Clark
Lynette Collins
Jim Gardner
Daniel Grove
Trent Newman
Nathaniel Pope
Aaron Ruleman
Michelle Salta
Tom Singleton
Lisa Smith

Ex Officio

Joan Mele-McCarthy, School Leadership, Executive Director


Jane Snider, Founder of The Summit School
Joseph H. Budge, Chair Emeritus
Ellen Webber Libby, Chair Emeritus