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Changing schools is a difficult decision.  Every parent wants what is best for their child.

If your child is falling behind and losing confidence, we know your story.  All Summit families have walked in your shoes.  When parents make the decision to send their child to Summit, they report a sense of relief beyond what was expected. Not only is their child learning at an improved rate, but their child is happier and their home life is better.

Why Summit?
  • Summit provides a safe learning environment where learning differences are understood and celebrated. 
  • Teachers are empathetic and trained to differentiate instruction for their students' needs.
  • Evidence-based teaching methodologies are implemented in a systematic way using multisensory approaches.
  • Students gain confidence and learn to learn. They tackle their challenges and develop their strengths.
  • At Summit, different can mean exceptional. Potential is unlocked.

Is The Summit School right for my child?

Summit makes sense for students who:

  • demonstrate weaknesses in language processing, working memory, comprehension or organization
  • are bright and want to learn, but are falling behind
  • are encountering difficulty with reading, writing, spelling, math, organization or self-management
  • thrive when teachers listen and adapt to individual needs
  • are most successful when learning is active and expectations reflect their learning profile

and for parents who: 

  • are seeking educational experts with the experience and commitment to get their child back on track
  • want an individualized mainstream curriculum that is rigorous, well rounded, and forward thinking
  • know their child can be confident, engaged and successful
  • are searching for their child’s “RIGHT” School

Our primary expertise lies in literacy and language-based learning differences. Our program is NOT designed to serve students with a primary diagnosis of Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, a behavior disorder, a severe communication disorder, Asperger’s, Autism; or for children who fall below the average range on measures of cognitive ability.


Visit SummiT: See Our Program in Action

´╗┐Summit is an incredible school that has helped my daughter where the public schools could not. Our daughter came to Summit in fifth grade reading at about a second grade level. After starting at Summit her academic growth has been amazing. She can read now! She has confidence! We went from being concerned that she couldn’t go to middle school where she was academically to knowing this girl will be successful in anything she wants to do. That’s a big deal! "

Current Parent


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