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Non-public Placement

The Summit School is a Type I full-day, Special Education and Related Services program for children with specific learning disabilities in grades one through eight. Our students are bright children whose dyslexia or other learning disabilities present challenges that have previously prevented them from finding success in other school placements. Student profiles include dyslexia, processing difficulties, memory challenges, weak oral language abilities, as well as attention and executive function concerns which impede their ability to read, spell, write, do math, and manage the multiple demands of a rigorous academic environment.

If a child is classified as Special Education in school and a non public placement is deemed necessary to provide the child with a free, appropriate public education (FAPE), The Summit School may be a possible placement. Parents can work with their IEP Team to make a referral to The Summit School. Information sent by the referring school district office is reviewed to determine if basic admissions criteria are met. The information sent typically includes psychological and educational assessments, the student’s IEP, school transcripts and parent contact information.