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Our Program

The Summit School program is specifically designed to educate and empower students with dyslexia and other learning differences in grades 1-8. 

teacher and student

The Summit Difference

On average we enroll 110 students each year with a 5:1 student to teacher ratio. Highly-trained teachers implement research-based teaching methodologies with an emphasis on individualized, multisensory learning.

When a student comes to Summit they struggled in their previous school setting. Our teachers meet them where they are and bring them up to where they need to be. Emphasis is placed on understanding our students' learning profiles so that we can carefully group classes based on skill levels not ages or grade levels.

Highly-trained teachers maximize students’ strengths and support areas of weakness. Instruction is differentiated to appropriately challenge each student. 

Across all subject areas and grade levels, teachers are trained to use the same evidence-based teaching methodologies to ensure consistency and a common "language" among students and teachers. Students experience a well-rounded, relevant curriculum with literacy infused throughout the program.

The Whole Child

When a child struggles in school, often they are impacted socially or emotionally by their academic challenges. Summit addresses the whole child and teaches self-advocacy, confidence, and social-emotional wellness. Parent-school partnerships are key to student success. Communication with parents is frequent and collaborative.
Read more about our evidence-based teaching methodologies (How We Teach) and learn about our curriculum (What We Teach) to gain a full picture of The Summit School's program. 

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Summit's goal is to prepare students for success in high school and beyond.