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Does your child struggle with putting ideas onto paper?

Does your child need help creating a cohesive and organized research paper?

EmPOWER™ camp will teach students how to use the EmPOWER™ writing process to launch them on the road to writing success.
Students will learn how to:
  • Evaluate the writing task
  • Make a plan for the writing task
  • Organize thoughts using one of six specific graphic organizers
  • Write fact or opinion theme statements
  • Organize information in a logical sequence
  • Summarize paragraphs with a powerful closing sentence
  • Develop a voice in written pieces that engages the reader
  • Self-evaluate the quality of the writing
  • Edit to make necessary changes

The EmPOWER™ writing process is based on solid research and developed to help students connect oral language, organization of thoughts, and writing. EmPOWER™ strategies enable students to develop the internal dialogue that guides the writing process and supports thinking for effective writing.

Session 1: Monday-Friday July 15-19, 12:30pm-3:30pm
Provides an overview of the EmPOWER writing process and introduces students to the steps of the program. This is an introduction to the skills necessary for school success and is intended for the student with no or limited prior class experience in the EmPOWER writing process.

Session 2: Monday-Friday July 22-26, 12:30pm-3:30pm
Class is intended for students with knowledge and experience of the EmPOWER writing process or who are solid writers seeking to enhance their paragraph and essay writing skills.

TUITION: $480/student; enrollment minimum is 5 students per session, maximum 10.