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Does your child lack organizational or study skills? Is his or her backpack, desk, or locker overflowing with unneeded or disorganized papers? Does your child procrastinate on school work?

Executive Function skills help us plan, organize, strategize, manage time, pay attention to and remember details. This week-long course will help your student will develop strategies to:

  • Prioritize assignments
  • Organize materials
  • Sustain attention to tasks
  • Manage time inside and outside the classroom
  • Start assignments efficiently
  • Study for subject area tests efficiently and effectively

This course provides an overview of all of the subsets of executive functions and allows students the opportunity to learn more about their own learning profile. Students will take home resources that can be used in every classroom, including monthly and weekly calendars, graphic organizer outlines, and study guide shells.

This is an introduction to the skills necessary for school success and is intended for the student with no prior class experience in executive functioning.

Two Sessions Offered:

Session 1: Monday-Friday July 15-19, 9am-12pm 

Session 2: Monday-Friday July 22-26, 9am-12pm 

TUITION: $480/student; enrollment minimum is 5 students per session, maximum 10.