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Benchmark Testing

Student with headphones on chromebook

Benchmark Testing evaluates students, in math and reading, against specific grade-level standards and learning goals.  It is used to identify a student’s academic strengths and weaknesses. Click here for a printable Description of Benchmark Testing.

If you are concerned about whether or not your child is performing on grade level or progressing throughout the academic year, Benchmark Testing will provide actionable data.  Using Aimsweb™ Plus, test results will indicate current performance, Lexile scores, and estimate reading and math grade level equivalencies. 

Results Inform Discussions: Benchmark Testing results can help inform discussions with your child’s teaching team.

Students will meet with one of our Benchmark Evaluators three times during the school year within specified dates. Benchmark Testing takes approximately one hour and is both computer-based and has a one-on-one component for reading fluency.  After the testing, results are emailed and will highlight your child’s score on the assessments, national percentile, performance level and academic risk status. Evaluators are available to answer questions once the report is received.

To register, please contact The Summit Resource Center at

Results include:

  • Your child’s score
  • National percentile
  • Grade level performance
  • Rate of improvement
  • Academic risk status


Which highlights:

  • Your child’s progression toward academic goals

  • Effectiveness of current educational programs and curricula

  • Need for intervention or additional support, where performance is lagging.