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Diagnostic Testing

Is your child having difficulty keeping up with their classmates? 
Are you concerned with how your child handles homework? 
Does something just not feel right?
The Summit Resource Center can help you find answers. We offer diagnostic testing services for children and adults. Our comprehensive evaluations measure cognitive learning patterns, academic achievement, executive function, memory functions, speech and language concerns and more.
Dr Eget testing a student

Evaluations & Services

Testing Process

A complete evaluation begins with an intake appointment with one of our clinicians. The evaluation consists of multiple testing sessions to thoroughly assess the student’s strengths and challenges. A comprehensive report including the assessment results, test scores, diagnosis, and recommendations for moving forward is provided to parents at the closing conference. The final report is essentially a roadmap to help parents and educators better meet the child’s needs.

Click here for a printable description of Testing Services.

For more information or to register for testing, please contact The Summit Resource Center at