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Teacher tutoring a student


The staff at the Summit Resource Center is experienced in providing support to a wide range of academic programs. Many of our tutors are experienced in using a multi-sensory, phonics-based approach to reading instruction, such as Orton-Gillingham, PhonoGraphix, Wilson and Summit Word Sense. We also address executive functions skills such as study skills and organization in addition to other academic support. We offer tutoring for expository (academic) writing using EmPOWER and explicit process-based methodology. We also have professionals who can provide SAT preparation.

Since we recognize and appreciate the unique nature of different learning styles, our tutoring programs are designed to address the individual learning needs of each student. Throughout the tutoring process, much care and consideration is given to ensure that a student’s program addresses current learning needs and adapts to meet the changing needs as a student progresses.


All tutoring programs begin with an assessment of need. If a recent evaluation of skills has not been completed, the tutoring coordinator will do a screening to determine need. The objectives of the student’s program are drawn from what is revealed from the assessment. Tutoring consists of individual sessions which focus on remediation of skills and/or the development of study and organizational skills. The frequency and length of tutoring sessions are recommended by the coordinator of the tutoring program. Instruction is diagnostic and individualized. Students strengthen their skills and feel they can be successful in school because of this support.

For more information or to register for tutoring, please contact The Summit Resource Center at